Free Online CSP Courses Coming This Fall

Northeastern University is developing free online CSP courses that will be offered to the public this fall. Please complete this short questionnaire if you are interested in the courses.

The courses are meant to support prospective, new, or existing workers in the CSP industry. The planned topics include:

1) What is CSP: An overview of the discipline and its advantages
2) Incident solar radiation prediction, ray tracing basics, losses, software available and control needs
3) Receiver design: basic design and numerical approaches
4) Energy storage, need and cost factors
5) Potential for production processes at high temperature high heat fluxes in CSP systems

Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS – Solar Thermal Energy Technology

This Certificate provides a comprehensive overview on solar thermal systems and their main components.

Learning goals:

  • Gain a broad overview on solar thermal systems and their main components
  • Acquire a knowledge of all types of solar collectors – especially linear Fresnel collectors and solar tower heliostat fields
  • Learn about the hybridization of concentrated solar power and photovoltaic, as well as the impacts of different high-temperature storage options

Senior Project Engineer – Renewable Energy

The demand for 247Solar’s 24/7 systems that produce solar electricity, heat, and green hydrogen to industrial and utility customers is growing so fast we need an experienced, hands-on Senior Power Systems Engineer to engineer our customer’s systems and then make sure that they get built and operate as engineered.

Can you help us find good candidates? Please refer to our website for the job description at

In summary, the ideal candidate has:

  • Minimum of 15 years of work experience in power generation and/or clean energy.
  • Minimum of 5 years working as application engineer in clean energy systems or projects.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, Master’s degree a plus

Mentorship program 2023: register as mentee!

As previously announced, Women+ in Concentrated Solar is starting a mentorship program for women and other underrepresented gender identities in the concentrated solar sector, to help our mentees grow as professionals.

We have gathered a database of possible mentors for mentees to choose from. The program is now open to mentees registration. If you or one of your collaborators wish to become one of our 2023 mentees, please fill out the form below by November 30. You will be asked to choose your preferred mentors, so be sure to consult our mentor database beforehand. Mentees are also invited to join our expert database of W+CS members.

N.B. Our mentors of underrepresented gender identities can also become mentees.

The 2023 program will last four months, with at least one virtual meeting per month (higher frequency can be decided at the discretion of paired mentors and mentees).

Mentees will be matched with mentors according to their respective areas of expertise and professional needs. Mentees and mentor placements will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Connections will be made by December 8, and a kick-off meeting is planned on December 14 @ 6 pm CET to give you more details about how to proceed.

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please answer the questionnaire below.

Answer the mentee questionnaire

If you don’t see the questionnaire on this page, you can also complete it here.

Do you want to become a mentor?

Women+ in Concentrated Solar is starting a mentorship program for women and other underrepresented genders in the concentrated solar sector, to help our mentees grow as professionals.

In a first step, we are looking for mentors (all gender identities welcome).

Mentors will be expected to meet with their mentee(s) once a month for 4 months.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor:

Option 1. You are already registered on our website and expert database

We need to know about your professional situation and domains of expertise, so please don’t forget to update your profile if you haven’t already!

You can then answer the questionnaire below. We only need you to answer a few complementary questions (by clicking “Yes” to the first question, you will skip to the last section).

Option 2. You are not registered on our website

You can directly answer the questionnaire below.

Note that you will need to provide more information, that you would also give when registering as a member/expert.

So instead, feel free to register to our website before answering the questionnaire below. Plus you will benefit from the larger visibility our expert database brings!

Answer the mentor questionnaire

If you don’t see the questionnaire on this page, you can also complete it here.

Apply for SolarPACES Awards 2023!

Every year, SolarPACES organization grants awards for technology innovation and lifetime achievement at the SolarPACES conference.

No woman or other underrepresented gender identity has won the lifetime achievement award since its creation in 2009, and so few were celebrated for team technology innovation awards.

We believe that few underrepresented gender identities apply for these awards, so…

To change this tendency, we encourage you to apply!

This concerns you too!

We can assist you in your application, write a letter of support for you, and help you get in contact with relevant entities to get other letters of support. Please contact us for more info.

The application guidelines and selection criteria are recalled below.

The application deadline is July 31, 2023!

Annual Awards

The annual SolarPACES Awards honor the personal engagement of individuals and institutions that significantly contribute to the deployment of CSP technology. Two types of Awards can be given:

1. Technology Innovation Award

Application Deadline: 31 July, 2023

For innovations relevant to a more rapid deployment of CSP technology through:

– Performance/cost ratio increase
– Improved manufacturing technology
– Better component lifetime
– Improved environmental profile

The innovation should be realized at least in technical prototype and its characteristics should have been published according to scientific standards.

Proposals must include:

  • 1-page description of the innovative idea and its impact, and the role of the applicant(s)
  • A scientific publication on details of the innovation
  • CVs of the applicants

For more information on the application process: Technology Innovation Award Information

2. Lifetime Achievement Award

Application Deadline: 31 July, 2023

This award honors personal contributions to the successful development and implementation of CSP systems of an individual throughout a major phase of his/her life. Criteria are:

– Acknowledged leadership in research or management in the field of CSP technology
– Long term commitment in this field
– Promotion of international cooperation

Proposals must include:

  • Brief resume of achievements (one page)
  • CV of the nominee
  • Letters of support from relevant entities or persons from at least 3 SolarPACES member countries

For more information on the application process: Lifetime Award Application Information