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Newsletter #5 - July 2023

Have a sunny summer!

Check out the new looks!

Thanks to the support of SolarPACES, we have new designs for our communication materials and website, created by Wade, a female-led design agency. Now you will recognize Women+ in Concentrated Solar anywhere!

Apply for SolarPACES 2023 awards

Still a few days left to apply for SolarPACES 2023 lifetime achievement and technology innovation awards. Deadline is July 31. We encourage you to apply, this concerns you too! We can assist you in your application, write a letter of support and help you get in contact with relevant entities to get other letters of support.

Mentors wanted

Women+ in CS is starting a mentorship program for women and underrepresented genders in the concentrated solar sector. We are looking for mentors who will help our mentees growing as professionals. More information will be announced soon.

100 experts in our database!

We are very pleased to announce that our expert database now counts 100 experts! Thank you for your support and participation. You can find the expert you need there!
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